New Work - July 2015

Etchings, Graveures, and Drypoints in the August 2015 One-Man Exhibition at New Grounds Galleries, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tess in Lilac

"Tess in Lilac"
(Multi-plate Graveure in new colors, 2015)

Artist holding Line of Swans

The Artist holding "Line of Swans"
(Drypoint engraving on aluminum, July 2015)

During the summer of 2015 I prepared and presented a one-man show at the well-known New Grounds Gallery and Print Workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA ( The content draws upon the form and figure in ballet. The show comprises 20 intaglio pieces, all related in some way or another to dancers and performers in ballet. The subject matter includes nudes, portraits, and ballet subjects (both in performance and in backstage moments). This page highlights a few of the prints that are featured in the show, titled "Body and Movement : Etchings by Brian Giza".


(Copper Etching, 2015)

Dance Nude

"Dance Nude"
(Drypoint engraving on aluminum, in new color, July 2015)

Hannah Profile

"Hannah Profile"
(Drypoint on Aluminum, 2015)


(Drypoint engraving on aluminum, in new color 2015)

Sami F.

"Sami F."
(Drypoint on Aluminum, 2015)

Claudia in Giselle

"Claudia in Giselle"
(Drypoint engraving on aluminum, in new color 2015)

Signing Prints

Signing Editions at New Grounds Workshop and Gallery in July, 2015

In addition to producing art, intaglio printmaking requires pencil signatures, numbering, and titles for every print in an edition. With twenty editions in the show, that is a lot of signatures!


(Etching and aquatint on Copper, 2015)

Three in Snow

"Three in Snow"
(Graveure, 2015)

Hannah on a Couch

Holding up "Hannah on a Couch"

The artist (in July 2015) Holding up another of the prints being prepared for the August 2015 show at New Grounds Workshop and Gallery (In this case, the drypoint engraving "Hannah on a Couch").

Opening Reception

Visitors at the opening night reception, August 7, 2015.

Opening Reception

"Mane": Subject and print

A particular pleasure (and honor) was seeing some of the individuals in the portraits attending the show - in the case of the subject of "Mane", driving over four hours to get to the show (my many thanks, Amanda!).

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