This site was developed by B. H. Giza, a printmaker, longtime balletomane, and former amateur dancer.
It exists to share B. H. Giza's vision of the art of ballet with others. Many the images here are available as limited edition intaglio prints.
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B. H. Giza's prints are editioned by Hare and Hound Press, in San Antonio, Texas

Artist's statement

B. H. Giza is a former dancer and current balletomane who in recent years has focused on sharing the environment of the ballet with the art world. Capturing backstage moods and lighting is paramount to this artist's work. B. H. Giza holds degrees in art, science, and dance history, and sees these disciplines as perfectly complementary...especially when rendering the art and science of dance in the printmaking medium
by B. H. Giza
All images © B. H. Giza 2012, and all rights reserved

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